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Kolu Dolls

We at Sri Kolhapuri – The Doll factory, specialise in Kolu dolls, with more and more thematic doll sets were added every season, the kolu dolls of ours are much sought after and prepared based on orders well in advance. Rama Pattabhishekam, meenakshi kalyanam, ponniyin selvan, Krishna leela, mupperum deviyar, marriage set are some of the fast moving doll  sets.

Handmade cloth dolls and fiber dolls also have cultural and historical significance. In many cultures, dolls have been used for centuries as playthings, as well as for religious and ceremonial purposes. By making these dolls, women can preserve and pass on these traditions to future generations.

In terms of economic benefits, handmade cloth dolls and fiber dolls can provide a source of income for the women who make them. These dolls can be sold at craft fairs, online marketplaces, and other venues, and can be a way for women to earn money while pursuing their artistic interests.

Overall, handmade cloth dolls and fiber dolls made by women are a valuable form of art that has cultural, historical, and economic significance. They reflect the creativity and personality of the women who make them, and can be enjoyed for years to come.

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