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About Us

Founded by Nisha Srikanth as an extension of her passion and to help other women to have a hands-on job, Sri kolhapuri the doll factory has grown multifold. Being an IIM graduate and a Six Sigma black belt holder with 15 plus years of experience in Quality Management, Project Management, Training and Development in various ITES industries, who turned her passion of doll making into a Business and Started Sri Kolhapuri the Doll Factory in the year 2016.

Guinness World Records Holder in Traditional handmade fabric dolls in 2019. Started with a single woman, Sri Kolhapuri –the doll factory has now grown into a 10 women strong team. Also supported by a strong 250 members and growing resellers team. Where Sri Kolhapuri join hands in making an entrepreneur blossoms.


Have provided free training to 1000 plus women on Doll making through You tube videos on various doll making skills Vision of creating 10000 women entrepreneurs by the end of 2025


The qualities that drive Sri Kolhapuri – the doll factory

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Making handmade dolls requires a lot of creativity and artistic talent. A woman entrepreneur who is into handmade dolls making should be able to create unique and visually appealing dolls that stand out in the market.

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Business acumen

To be successful as an entrepreneur in any industry, it's important to have strong business skills. This includes knowledge of marketing, pricing, and financial management, as well as the ability to build relationships with suppliers and customers. Her corporate experience comes handy here.


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A love for dolls and a passion for creating them is likely what motivated the entrepreneur in Nisha to start this business.

This passion is evident in her work and drive her to create high-quality dolls that customers will love.

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The handmade dolls industry is constantly evolving, and an entrepreneur who is into handmade dolls making should be able to adapt to changing trends and customer preferences. This may involve introducing new styles or materials, experimenting with new marketing strategies, or finding ways to reduce costs without compromising quality.

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Attention to detail

Handmade dolls require a lot of attention to detail, from the stitching and fabric choices to the doll's facial features and accessories. An entrepreneur who is into handmade dolls making should be meticulous in her work and strive for perfection in every doll she creates. Nisha fits the bill perfectly.


Handmade Doll Category

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